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Which of these wildflowers will spread via roots to form colonies?

9 years ago


For the benefit of creating a useful list...

Out of the following list of popular northeastern/midwestern native wildflowers/herbs, which plants can spread ENDLESSLY via roots - i.e. not just limited to a clump? That the clonal stand could potentially persist "forever", as long as not succeeded over.

*Acorales: Amercan calamus

*Apiales: golden Alexanders, yellow pimpernell, anise-root (Osmorhiza spp.)

*Aristolochiales: Canadian wildginger

*Asterales: pearly-everlasting & woman's tobacco, aster (Symphyotrichum spp.), joe pye weed (various spp.), woodland sunflower, blazing star (Liatris spp.), field thistle or swamp thistle, goldenrod (Solidago spp.), orange coneflower, gray-headed coneflower, prarie coneflower

*Campanulales: bellflower (Campanula spp.)

*Capparales: cutleaf toothwort

*Caryophyllales: starry campion (Silene stellata), royal catchfly (Silene regia)

*Commenilales: spiderwort (Tradescantia spp.)

*Ericales: kinnikinnick, shootingstar (Dodecatheon spp.)

*Fabales: false indigo (Baptisia spp.), tick trefoil (Desmodium spp.), bush clover (Lespedeza spp.), lupine (Lupinus spp.), Virginia tephrosia/goat's rue

*Geraniales: violet wood-sorrel, wood geranium

*Gentianales: Ozark bluestar, these milkweed spp.: Asclepias incarnata, A. tuberosa, A. verticillata

*Lamiales: Virginia bluebells, anise-hyssop, downy wood mint, mountainmint (Pycnanthemum spp.), beebalm & Oswego tea (Monarda spp.), azure blue sage, hoary skullcap

*Liliales: large-flower bellwort, various native Allium spp., Camass spp. & wild hyacinth

*Malvales: poppy mallow (Callirhoe spp.), rose-mallow (Hibiscus spp.)

*Myrtales: Virginia meadow beauty

*Papaverales: Dutchman's breeches, Canadian burnet (Sanguinaria)

*Polygonales: tall dock

*Ranunculales: rue-anemone, red columbine, larkspur (Delphinium spp.), Hepatica spp.

*Rosales: old man's wiskers, American alumroot, swamp saxifrage

*Scrophulariales: wild petunia, foxglove (Penstemon digitalis, Penstemon hirsutus), Chelone glabra, monkeyflower, common lousewort, figwort (Scrophularia spp.), Culver's root

*Solanales: Phlox (would P. maculata, P. P. paniculata, or pilosa? -- I think P. divaricata & P. subulata will), Jacob's ladder

*Violales: Viola (V. blanda, V. cucullata, V. macloskeyi, V. pedata, V. pubescens spp. eroicarpa, V. sagittat, V. sororia, V. striata)

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