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Can I can any ID on these Wildflowers?

16 years ago

Hi, I'm Susan and I live in zone 6 MA)I had my perrenial garden stolen a few years ago and have not had the money to even start replacing it. The only things I saved from the thief are Sedum Autmn Joy (really easy to propagte) one orange lilly, a little bit of ribbon grass and a little bit of Dragons blood sedum. So I am in need of some plants and was hoping to get some wild ones.

They are in a little field and wooded area up the street.My Dh walks the dog 2-3 times a day and lets me know when he see's something different that has blossomed.

There is an orange lilly that I see scattered, "reseeded" all over town as well as in the field.Anyone know the name and how I could transplant a few to my yard? Are they bulbs?

Is this queen ann's lace? Again, can I transplant? When? or how to grow by seed?

This purple flower also comes in yellow but those are smaller. I am pretty sure they are a wild form of a plant that people up here grow as annuals, I just can't remember the name. I know it is common, but I have never grown them in my

There is also a plant that is not a vine, stands straight up unless messed with that has little purple flowers in the day and they close up or die in the afternoon. I don't have a pic. Could it be some sort of morning glory?

One more question, the field also seams to have what I have come to know as Jerusalem Sunflower or Jerusalem Artichoke. It looks like tall with small sunflowers.

I use to have some and for some reason I think I remember they are tubars (sp) and did flower only in late summer.I did a search of this whole website and could not come up with one link to either of the above names.

Any help on these would be grealty appreciated,

Thanks, Susan

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