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Barrier between kichen sink & washer/dryer

9 years ago

I'm renovating the kitchen in my small condo (about 550 square feet).

The only spot for my stackable Miele washer and dryer is right next to the left of the sink.

This is how my washer looks like (I have to use these photos since my actual washer and dryer are stored away for now):

And this is my dryer:

The washer will come up to counter level. But the dryer will of course be above the sink in height. I'm trying to figure out what I could place at the base of the dryer to keep water splashes from hitting the dryer (even though my sink is quite deep). Keep in mind that the sink faucet will be on the left side of the sink, really close to the dryer. You can even see the hole in the granite for the faucet.

I experimented with having a granite backsplash or sidesplash in my case (if such a word exists) but it did not look nice. For instance, the granite I've used is quite thick (see photo below).

There has got to be something I could use.

Any tips out there? I'd really appreciate them!


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