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How to tastefully conceal a dryer vent

9 years ago

As some of you may know from a previous thread of mine, I have a very small condo (around 500 square feet).

I have installed a washer and dryer in my kitchen (next to the sink cabinet). This was the only space I had available. It means that the dryer vent has to go through the kitchen wall, come out into the bathroom, then go into another wall, and on the other side of this last wall is my rooftop deck. In other words, my dryer vents onto my rooftop deck.

What I�m now trying to do is figure out what I can build around this vent to conceal it. But if I�m not mistaken, I must be able to have access to this vent, so that whatever I build does not permanently close my access to the vent.

Maybe I can build some kind of a shelf?

Just thinking out loud and hoping for any kind feedback out there.

Below are two photos to help you see what I�m trying to do.



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