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Where do you start-physical limitations

9 years ago

I have a chronic condition that has limited my physical ability to walk and bend my knees/ankles easily. Coupled with multiple trauma (car accidents, broken bones & other injuries) my body is just one big betrayal waiting to happen.

My job is physically demanding at times-other times it is desk time intensive that is brain drainingly stressful.

I've been pushing myself to my limits lately and finally hit the wall yesterday. Had a breakdown and just bawled from pain & frustration. And vowed it's going to be different from now on-so here is where I need to ask-where do you start?

My doctor (and insurance coverage) is somewhat bound by clinical policy-and that includes starting with meds before sending me to specialists. I want to manage chronic pain without meds if possible-I'm open to supplements, etc. I would love to do aquatic therapy, but there are limitations to that, too.

My biggest obstacle is time. I cannot take time out during the day during office hours. That is absolutely a given, My physicians clinic is now open longer hours, but things like PT or specialists are not. We don't have a pool, but there are many places in town that do-however, when I am available to use them, they are booked up for either team trainings or for lane swimming only. The aquatics classes at almost every one are at 10:00 on a Tuesday morning it seems!

I cannot use a treadmill at this time-it would exasperate my condition too much right now, plus I need a knee replacement so things like an eliptical or stair climber are out till I can get that work done. That's another story-insurance won't do it because I'm not old enough and I need to lose weight. Different insurance providers would probably do it, but we're stuck with the plan we have.

So-I guess what I'm asking for is recommendations for gentle stretching-I cannot do most yoga positions due to my inability to bend my legs. I cannot get on the floor in other words. I'd have to be able to stand to do exerises.

Back to HEALTHY eating-I LOVE salads, eating vegetarian (even vegan). I try to do it regularly-but I get in that habit of being so busy that I don't have time to get it together.

How to manage my time, get my priorities straignt, get flexible and manage chronic pain and a condition that is so very rare I have to educated health care providers about? I love my doc, but he's so overworked and stressed out too that he confessed to me he's ready to throw in the towel!

So-if you were me, where would you start to get your life back and feel better?

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