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Need lots of work done on older home on limited budget-where to start?

8 years ago

We own an older home that has a long history of "deferred maintenance" and is also sorely outdated. The work we need to have done is at a minimum kitchen and bath renovation and exterior walkway and steps. The windows and doors are also in sad shape, as are the deck and yard. Lighting and plumbing need attention too. Bottom line, the roof and HVAC are about the only things that are solid. We are planning to live here until the kids finish school, about 15 years, and probably not much longer. We live in a high cost of living area and home improvements can be especially pricey.

We are not handy and do not have an eye for interior design or decorating. We also have limited free time outside of work and kid activities. In a perfect world, we would just hire someone to figure all of this out for us. But our financial situation took an unexpected downturn and we are now on a limited budget. And the more we spend on design and decor help, the less there will be left to actually do the work, as well as for the college fund.

So what we are looking for is a cost-effective way to find some design and decor help. We don't have the budget for perfection and that's fine. But how do we find enough guidance that we don't totally screw it up? What is the best way to figure out how much all of this - the design work and then the home improvements - is going to cost and how to spend our money wisely? I am lost here and don't know where to start.

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