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Best way to level concrete floor

8 years ago


We are in the process of converting our one car garage into a living space. We would like to install engineered hardwood in the room.

The floor is almost entirely flat, except for the area surrounding the bottom step up into the kitchen. This bottom step is concrete (the rest are wood) and would be removed. The floor around it is sloped up to the step over the space of around three feet. I haven't brought out the level just yet to get exact with it, but it appears the slop is approximately half to three quarters of an inch rise over the course of two and a half to three feet.

Now, we are trying to figure out the best possible way to level this out.

Should we remove the step and then grind the area down with a rented grinder?

Or should we try to level the floor by using leveling compound? (seems like way too large of an area to try this method)

Or should we pour an additional slab over the existing slab?

The space is roughly 225 square feet, a rectangle with an additional closet sized laundry area. The existing slab is in really good condition with one thin crack that extends about three feet, without any heaving.

The exterior door has almost three inches between the bottom of the threshold and the current slab. The house is raised up about three feet from the garage, so no issues with clearance there, no matter how we do it.

Any advice? My thought is that grinding it down seems like the easiest- since the floor is mostly level except for that section. But, that's also a decent amount of height to grind down.

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