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2014/2015 commercial seed swap wish lists

Please post only your wish lists here.

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  • Panhandle_Seed_Swap
    7 years ago

    ***OP/Heirloom flowers with a long bloom period, heat and drought tolerance.***
    Diamond Pink Scabiosa
    "Ellagance Sky" Lavender
    Cambridge Blue Lobelia
    Halo Red Hollyhock
    New Dimension Salvia Rose
    Tokajer Gaillardia
    Rubenza Cosmos
    Antiquity Cosmos
    Sonata Carmine Cosmos
    Noblessa Yarrow
    Blood Flower
    Verbena for the butterflies

    Roma Pole Beans
    Sprouting broccoli or raab
    Rugosa Friulana Summer Squash
    Any Artichoke
    Any white-stemmed Swiss Chard
    Portuguese Cabbage/Kale a.k.a. Couve tronchuda
    Any greens, except for collards... NO collard greens, please.
    Ithaca Lettuce
    Jericho Lettuce
    Edible Kale
    Bok Choy
    Snap Peas
    Snow Peas
    Aquadulce Fava bean
    asian eggplant
    Elephant Dill

    Thank you!

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  • bumpydan65
    7 years ago

    I had a list here, but I've removed it since I won't be able to participate this year. Have a good swap everyone!

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    Sheri, the Amaranth has been added to your package. Dawn, I am giving away my extra commercial seeds. I'll add the peppermint stick zinnias to your package. I think you should send xtra postage. I have a lot of collected seeds from your list that I will send if a commercial packet doesn't come in. These DO NOT count towards your swap seeds, they are freebies. If you don't care to receive wish list collected as extra please let me know.
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    Thank you for being patient with me about my wish list and for doing this swap, Lisa. My late wish list is: flowers - Favorite Flower #1 - Silene coeli-rosa (synonyms Viscaria oculata, Lychnis viscaria) I winter sowed this one year, and it bloomed in its milk jug like a sky-blue creeping phlox. Best festival of blue among flowers I have known, ever. Angelonia - white Hibiscus mutabilis Impatiens balsamina - Camellia Flowers - would really like some seeds of what is known as the camellia balsam, which I hope the bees will cross with Peppermint Sticks to obtain something like the hard-to-find Blackberry Trifle. Do not send seeds of Blackberry Trifle, because I don't want to take a chance with someone else's rare seeds. Petunia 'Aladdin's Nautical Blues' - also love old fashioned FRAGRANT petunias Plectranthus argentatus, seeds - species or any cultivar of P. argentatus Nicotiana - any of the chocolates; mutabilis; any that are petite, greenish & fragrant Flowers that will cope with shade, like Rehmannia elata Zaluzianskya capensis - - - - - -- - - - - - - Herbs - Basil - Lime, Red Lettuce Leaf Chamomile, German (Matricaria recutita) Chives (Allium schoenoprasum) Cilantro Dill - dwarf, but any would be fine Parsley, curley Santolina tomentosa p66 Thyme - including Thymus vulgaris, French thyme, any Winter Savory - - - - - - - - - - - Vegies - Favorite Flower #2 - Radicchio Rosso di Verona - really want this one - The magnificent second year 6'x3' inflorescence of flowers is blue like no other. This is also known as a chicory. After fall frost, the leaves change from green to very dark maroon, and the whole plant makes a kind of cone, not a ball...really too beautiful to eat. Shallot - any from seed
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    Hi everyone! Here is my wish list! 1) Evening Primrose 2) California Poppies 3) Four 'o clocks 4) Angel's Trumpet Pineweed 6) Common Blue Violets 7) yellow Jessamines 8) Zinnias, especially candy-cane striped 9) Sunflowers 10) Petunias, (any color) 11) Night Blooming Jasmine 12) Impatiens, (cranberry colored and light pink) 13) Marigolds 14) Morning Glories 15) Coneflowers 16) Vincas, any color 17) Baby's Breath 18) Forget-Me-Nots 19) Daisies, any variety 20) Black-eyed Susans 21) Gourds 22) Ornamental Pumpkins, white, small orange, etc. 23) Cream and Sugar Sweet Corn 24) Red-Colored Sweet Corn 25) Indian Corn 26) Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes 27) Brandywine Tomatoes 28) Cucumbers, Straight 8's 29) Gourds 30) Any kind of hot peppers, (cayenne, habanero, etc.) Thank you! Hope all of you are ready for the Christmas season to start! I know I am!
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  • fresc1000
    7 years ago

    Really I will be happy with anything. I loved this swap last year!

    BEET: Boldor, Cylindra, Albino, Detroit Red
    CARROT: any purple, dragon, oxheart, merida
    CABBAGE: Glory of Enkhuizen
    CUCUMBER: Telegraph Improved, Marketmore76
    EGGPLANT: Kamo, Mitoyo, Fenguyuan Purple, Prosperosa
    HERBS: Thyme, rosemary
    KALE: Scarlet, Redbor
    KOHLRABI: Blaril
    LETTUCE: Flashy Troutsback, Red Velvet
    MELON: Honey Rock Melon, Sarahs choice F1
    PEPPERS: Any, Especially sweet peppers
    SORREL: Any
    TOMATOES: Paul Robeson, Ukrainian purple, Burgess Stuffing, Aunt Ginnyâs Purple, Douchoua Pepper, Garden Peach, Blondkopfchen, Principe Borghese, Green Zebra, White Queen, White Beauty, Big Rainbow Tomato, Copia, Gardenerâs Delight (Sugar Lump)
    ZUCCHINI: Fordhook

    I have many pumpkins and squashes, but I love collecting the different types. Long wishlist for those, because I am sure most of these varieties are pretty uncommon.

    Strawberry Crown Squash
    Flat White Boer
    Boston Marrow
    Banana squashes
    Sucrine Du Berry Squash
    Quaker Pie Pumpkin
    Old Timey Cornfield Pumpkin
    Cream of the Crop Acorn
    Galeux d Eysines ("Peanut" pumpkin)
    Zapallo Plomo


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  • dawn1972
    7 years ago

    Here is my wish list.


    African Daisy
    Bachelor's Button
    Daisy- any
    English Daisy
    Four O'clocks-any
    Love-In -A Mist
    Morning Glory-any
    Texas Bluebonnet

    Beans (Bush or Pole) (Lima, green bean, butter beans and blackeye peas)
    Cowpea (pinkeye purple hull)
    Corn (sweet, flint or popcorn) (white or yellow and ornamental)
    Egg plant
    Onion (bunching and slicing)
    Shelling pea
    Peppers ( any and all, sweet or hot, all colors)
    Summer Squash
    Winter Squash
    Tomato (any and all varieties and sizes)

    Herbs ( any and all varieties)

  • EricaBraun
    7 years ago

    Here are my wish lists. I tried to keep them at a manageable length. I'm afraid that most of what I'm sending in are edibles. This was my first year gardening, so I emphasized utility over aesthetics.

    1. Anything from my GW wish list.
    2. Any edibles from Baker Creek, Bountiful Gardens, or Sacred Succulents.
    3. Unusual edibles.
    4. Unusual culinary herbs.
    5. Medicinal herbs.
    6. Perennial Veggies.
    7. Amaranths
    8. Berries / Currants
    9. Broccoli, Nine Star Perennial

    1. Carrot, Pusa Asita
    2. Carrot, Pusa Rudhira Red
    3. Cassabanana / Melocoton
    4. Corn, Kulli Black Incan
    5. Corn, Oaxacan Green
    6. Ground Cherry, Aunt Molly's (Physalis pruinosa)
    7. Groundnut (Apios americana)
    8. Okra
    9. Otricoli Orange Berry
    10. Passiflora elegans
    11. Pepino
    12. Peppers
    13. Sage, Berggarten
    14. Skirret
    15. Tamarillo
    16. Tomatillos

    1. Calendula, Pink Surprise
    2. Calendula, Solar Flashback Mix
    3. Datura, Black Currant Swirl (Datura metel)
    4. Datura, Double Purple (Datura metel var fastuosa)
    5. Datura, Horn-of-Plenty (Datura metel)
    6. Datura, "Kerala Blue" (Datura metel)
    7. Datura, Violet Queen Double
    8. Delphinium (named cultivars)
    9. Echinacea, Green Envy (Echinacea purpurea 'Green Envy')

    1. Fairies Thimbles (Campanula cochleariifolia)
    2. Iron Cross Plant (Oxalis deppei)
    3. Lupine, Pearl (Lupinus mutabilis)
    4. Pansy, Colossus Neon Violet
    5. Pansy, Karma Blue Butterfly
    6. Pansy, Ultima Morpho
    7. Salvia carriyesii
    8. Salvia 'Madeline'
    9. Verbascum Violetta
    10. Viola, Black Jack
    11. Viola, Sorbet Delft Blue
    12. Viola, Sorbet Midnight Glow
    13. Violet, 'Etain'
    14. Zinnia, Queen Red Lime
    15. Zinnia, Zinderella Lilac
    16. Zulu Warrior (Berkheya purpurea)

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  • poisondartfrog
    7 years ago

    Wish List
    Annuals in white, buff, cream, pale to lemon yellow, green, peach, orange, tan, hot reds, blues. However, I don't care for gold.
    Tropicals that are suitable for containers.
    Poppies, any genus
    Impatiens other than walleriana and balsamina
    Gomphrena serrata aka Gomphrena decumbens
    Abelmoschus ficulneus
    Ipomoea nil, Japanese Morning Glory
    Burpless Cukes
    Nicotiana, any but Perfume Purple

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  • ishareflowers {Lisa}
    Original Author
    7 years ago

    I usually don't post a wish list but I think I

    Edited to remove items ordered.


    black eyed susan- African sunset and alba


    carnation clove drops

    dianthus-black and white minstrels

    cockscomb-any Bombay-fiora deep gold

    cosmos-snow puff

    4 o'clock -fairy trumpets

    kale-ornamental crane


    salvia- argentea

    scabiosa-fama white

    vinca-jams and jellies

    zinnia-hidden dragon

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  • uptreasa
    7 years ago

    Genuine Cornfield Bean
    Rose Beauty radish
    Greenhouse tomatoes
    Red cabbage
    Any good cut flowers
    Any romaine

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  • bluee19
    7 years ago

    updated 1/28

    cosmos - no orange, any other color
    Carnation, "Bananaberry Fizz"
    Carnation, "Chabaud Giant Beniga"
    Carnation, "Chabaud Giant Giant La France"
    Carnation, "Chabaud Giant Orange Sherbert"
    Carnation, "Chabaud Giant Picotee Fantasy Mix"
    Carnation, "Marie Chabaud"
    Carnation, "Chabaud Giant Rose Queen"
    Carnation, "Enfant de Nice"
    Carnation, "Grenadin Black King"
    Carnation, "Grenadin Cardinal"
    Carnation, "Grenadin Golden Sun"
    Carnation, "Grenadin Mix"
    Carnation, "Grenadin Snow White"
    Carnation, "Grenadin Texas Rose"
    Carnation, "Lemon Fizz"
    Carnation, "Orange Ripple"
    Carnation, "Rasperry Ripple"
    english daisy
    gerbera daisies
    purple flowers - any, my favorite color
    Sunflower Firecracker
    Sunflower Floristan
    Sunflower Little Becka
    Sunflower Peach Passion
    Sunflower ProCut Lemon/Bicolor
    Sunflower Ring of Fire
    Sunflower Russian Black Seeded
    Sunflower Sonja
    Sunflower Soraya
    Sunflower Starburst Lemon Aura
    Sunflower Strawberry Blond
    Sunflower Sunbright Supreme
    Sunflower Sunseed
    Sunflower Sun Spot Dwarf Cola
    Sunflower Taiyo
    Sunflower Tarahumara White Seeded
    Sunflower Titan
    Sunflower Zebulon
    Sunflower Yellow Pygmy

    tomatoes/cherry sizes
    Baker's Creek Heirloom Seeds
    Tomato, "Dixie Golden Giant Tomato"
    Tomato, "Dr. Carolyn Tomato"
    Tomato, "Egg Yolk Tomato"
    Tomato, "Hartman's Yellow Gooseberry Tomato"
    Tomato, "Jujube Cherry Tomato"
    Tomato, "Minibel Tomato"
    Tomato, "Pink Bumble Bee Tomato "
    Tomato, "Plum Lemon Tomato"
    Tomato, "Roman Candle Tomato"
    Tomato, "Riesentraube Tomato"
    Tomato, "Sungold Select II Tomato"
    Tomato, "Topaz or Huan U Tomato"
    Tomato, "Tess's Land Race Currant Tomato"
    Tomato, "Violet Jasper or Tzi Bi U Tomato"

    romaine lettuce
    Butter king lettuce
    Gentilina lettuce
    May Queen lettuce

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  • cghpnd
    7 years ago

    Asclepias Asperula
    Asclepias Cordifolia
    Asclepias Humistrata
    Asclepias purpurascens
    Asclepias Rubra
    Asclepias Sullivanti
    Asclepias Variegata
    Aster (Purple dome
    black foxglove
    purple foxglove (Agalinis fasciculata)
    Cassa Alata
    Cosmos (Cranberries)
    False Nettle
    Gelsemium sempervirens (Carolina jessamine)
    Hollyhock (blacknight or purple)
    Mimosa Pudica (sensitive / space plant)
    Nasturtium (black velvet, ladybird cream purple spot)
    Paw Paw
    passionflower vine (any and all native to Virginia)may pop
    Penny Royal
    Phlox ( Moody blues)
    Poppies (cherry glow, peony black)
    Prickly pear cactus
    Pussy Willow
    Pussy Toes
    Spice Bush
    Snap Dragon (black prince)
    Trumpet Honeysuckle

    ~ Ginger
    ~ Cardamom
    ~ Guarana
    ~ Ginseng
    ~ Garcinia
    ~ Psyllium
    ~ Willow
    ~ Licorice Basil
    ~ Turmeric
    Cinnamon Basil
    Echinacea - Narrow leaf
    Peanut plant seeds (Early Spanish ) or any.....
    Queens Anne Lace

  • ruthie759
    7 years ago


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  • rbrady
    7 years ago

    My Wish List:
    Aquilegia-any especially variegated
    Tithonia "Yellow Torch"
    Rudbeckia "Cherry Brandy"
    Talinum "Limon" or similar
    Gaillardia "Arizona Red Shades"
    Plectranthus "Silver Shield"
    Trailing Lobelia-any blue or rose
    Dichondra "Silver Falls"
    Petunia Shockwave Deep Purple
    Petunia Easy Wave Sweet Tart Mix
    Coleus-Any of the Kong series
    Coleus-Any in the Versa series
    Coleus-any really except Wizard mix
    Kale-Russian or Red Tuscan
    Variegated plants-any

    Big Leaf Thyme
    Angelica Gigas
    Angelica stricta "Purpurea" or any

    Thanks! Rhonda

  • canyonwind
    7 years ago

    OK wishlist time. I will just keep updating as time moves on and as wishes come to mind.

    Rudebeckia "Praire Sun"
    Rudebeckia "Indian Summer"
    Rudebeckia "Goldstrum"
    Rudebeckia "Irish Eyes"
    Rudebeckia "Orange Fudge"
    Rudebeckia "Chim Chiminee"
    Rudebeckia "Denver Daisy"
    Any new and /or unusual Rudebeckia
    Gaillardia "Lorenziana" (Blanket Flower)
    Gaillardia "Red Plume" (Blanket Flower)
    Gaillardia "Dazzler" (Blanket Flower)
    New and/or unusual Gaillardia
    Self sowing Dianthus
    Self sowing Petunia
    Cascading Petunia

    Ping Tung Eggplant
    Productive pickling cucumber
    Productive slicing cucumber
    Tomato Matts Cherry

    Thanks so much Lisa!!!!!


  • ruthie759
    7 years ago

    I think I posted in the wrong group! Please remove my wishlist.

  • atravers
    7 years ago

    Wish list

    • Red-leaf Hibiscus (Hibiscus acetosella) such as Red Shield or Mahogany Splendor
    • Texas Star Hibiscus
    • Single Hollyhocks such as: Spotlight Series Mars Magic, Sunshine; Halo series Halo Lavender, Halo Red, Halo Apricot, Halo Cerise
    • Ornamental Grasses such as Lowlander, Black Tip Wheat
    • Zinnias: Taller doubles such as Purple Prince, Uproar Rose, Giant Dahlia Flowered varieties, White Wedding, Sun Series
    • Calendula such as Resina, Alpha, Pink Surprise (singles preferred)
    • Kettle gourds or similar varieties (for making birdhouses for smaller birds)
    • Catnip and low-growing/compact catmints such as Nepeta Blue Panther, Blue Carpet
    • Nasturtiums: trailing/climbing varieties such as Moonlight, Spitfire (any color)
    • Thunbergia alata Black-eyed Susan Vine (any color)
  • midwestfarmwife
    7 years ago

    Here is my wish list taken from my more complete GW list:

    Bean - Holy Spirit, Italian Rose
    Lettuce - Cimmaron or any red variety
    Cantaloupe - Sugar Cube, Swan Lake, or other sweet ones not on my GW list
    Pepper - Marconi Purple, Mohawk, Spanish Mammoth, Yellow Giant Bell
    Pumpkin - Jarrahdale, Winter Luxury
    Tomato - Big Red, Gypsy, Mountain Gold, Tasmanian Blushing Yellow, Vorlon
    Watermelon - Blacktail Mountain, Dessert King, Oranglo, Yellow Moon & Stars
    Winter Squash - Queensland Blue, Rugosa Violina Gioia Butternut, Tahitian Butternut

    Any annuals that cascade or trail for hanging baskets
    Alyssum Easter Bonnet Blue
    Asclepias Carmine Rose, Purple Dove, Silky Gold
    Aster Peony or Pompon
    Black Eyed Susan Chocolate Orange
    Blue Daisy
    Calendula Apricot Twist, Bon Bon Yellow, Golden Emperor, Kablouna Deep Orange, Porcupine
    California Poppy any except Orange
    Celosia Cramers Amazon, Burgundy, Cristata Orange Peach or any orange, Giant Red
    Coreopsis Incredible, Red Frost, Rising Sun, Solar Flare, Star Cluster, Sunfire
    Cosmos Antiquity, Chocolate, Dazzler, Pink Popsock, Towering Orange Double, Picotee
    Delphinium Delfix Blue
    English Daisy
    Four O'Clock Terra Cotta
    Gaillardia Dwarf Yellow, Razzle Dazzle, Red Plume, Sundance Red, Yellow Queen, Tangerine
    Hollyhock Antwerp Simplex, Apricot Double, Black Current Whirl, Chamois, Giant Danish, Halo, Happy Lights, Queeny
    Ice Plant
    Marigold Copper Canyon, Flagstaff, Golden Gem, Mumsy, Park's Whopper, Snowdrift
    Morning Glory Sunspots or any Japanese
    Moss Rose Peppermint
    Nasturtium Black Velvet
    Nigella Persian Red
    Poppy Peony, Venus, and pink or purple
    Rock Cress Cascading Blue
    Rudbeckia Chim Chiminee, Chocolate Orange, Maya, Moreno, Prairie Glow, Rustic Dwarf, Santa Fe Yellow, Solar Eclipse
    Zinnia Aztec Sunset, Benary's Giant Wine, Candy, Inca, Gumdrop, Salmon Queen, Swizzle Cherry & Ivory

  • naturegirl_2007 5B SW Michigan
    7 years ago

    Okay, I'm revising my list and adding some more things :)

    Any type or color of milkweed and close relatives
    Other flowers that are butterfly magnets
    Xeranthemum, mixes or single colors are great
    Painted Lady Runner Beans
    Golden Sunshine Runner Beans
    Sunset Runner Beans
    Other bicolor or non-red runner beans
    Any rudbeckia varieties that stay reasonably short
    Good Mother Stallard pole beans
    Any Dwarf tomatoes varieties
    Tiny Tim tomato
    Any Indigo or Blue tomato varieties
    Artichoke, Imperial Star or other varieties
    Blue Podded Blauwschokkers Garden Pea
    Desiree Dwarf Blauwschokkers Garden Pea
    Golden Sweet Snow Pea
    Other yellow or purple garden, snow or snap peas
    Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry
    Cape Gooseberry
    Garden Huckleberry
    Pepino Melon
    Other small fruits or berries
    Shallot seed

    Surprise me!

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  • jaynine
    7 years ago

    Annuals in shades of true blue, purple, lemon yellow and white (no bicolors)
    Fragrant Antirrhinum/Snapdragons in single colors
    lots and lots of short white Lobularia/Sweet Alyssum
    Phacelia any except viscida & purshii
    named Tagetes/Marigolds, prefer the ones with smallish single to semi-double flowers
    Large red tomatoes-non-hybrids preferred

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  • val (MA z6)
    7 years ago

    Thank you for considering my wish list:
    (I am listing in order of preference)

    PLEASE NOTE: when I indicate "mixes ok", I mean MIXED COLORS :-)
    Not mixed flower seeds.


    Japanese anemone (esp'lly Pink Saucer)
    Spigelia/indian Pink
    Gaillardia Pulchella Razzle Dazzle (mix ok)
    Gaillardia Amber Wheels and/or Tokajer
    Clematis, Any
    Salmon Fan Cardinal Flower
    Hardy Geranium (any)
    Tradescantia (any except Purple) esp'lly Kate
    or Temptation Pink
    Tall Phlox - any except white; mixes ok
    Euchinecea Double Decker or Green Envy
    Dianthus Raspberry Ripple or Sweetness
    Dianthus Loveliness (mix ok)
    Columbine Clementine, Nora Barlow, Stellata Clema,
    (mixes OK)
    Columbine vulgaris Dorothy Rose
    Incarvillea /Hardy Gloxinia

    Rubedeckia Chim Chiminee, Cherry Brandy, Indian Summer
    (mixes ok)
    Rubedeckia Autumn Colors, Any Double flowered
    Rubedeckia Sahara, Morrocan (mixes ok)

    Violas: Any of the following types: Sorbet, Caramel, Heat
    Elite Valentina, Velour, Endurio, Angel and/or
    Penny - Mixes Ok of any viola and/or any but white

    Tricolor Chrysanthemum (see Swallowtail Seeds)

    Tiarella Pink Skyrocket, Candy stripper
    Astromeria (mix ok)
    Forget me not - Pinks

    Primrose (any Evening or other Primrose except
    yellow as I already have)-Mixes OK

    Peony Poppies: Flemish antique, Pom Pom or
    Giant Double (mixes ok)

    Cosmos Double Click (mix OK)
    Thunbergia Black-eyed Susan Vine (not all white)

    Passion Flower vine
    Stachys Betony
    Daisy - yellow
    Crazy Daisy
    Coleus -
    Sweet Pea (Mix ok)
    Impatients (mix ok)


    I am sending 2-3 herbs. I would like chives if available; but also be happy to get most any other herb back, except I have bought these: cilantro, parsley, rosemary

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  • ishareflowers {Lisa}
    Original Author
    7 years ago


  • SunshineGal
    7 years ago

    Here's my attempt at a wish list, but I'll be happy with anything in return, I love surprises!

    Passion vines
    flowering perennials


  • ishareflowers {Lisa}
    Original Author
    7 years ago