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2014/2015 ANNUAL Commercial Seed Swap

It's that time of year again. I have been doing this swap since 2010, it was started by flwrs4evr the year or two before that.

This swap is for your LEFTOVER commercial seeds,you do not need full packages!

The RULES HAVE CHANGED so please read them carefully.

I'm posting a little bit early to allow time to copy packets or take out some seeds for yourself and send seeds in their original packages if you are new to the swap. Sadly, this will be required this year because last year a member sent in collected seeds marked as commercial! I know its a pain in the butt but it assures everyone playing true commercials.

Here are the rules:

1. COMMERCIAL SEEDS only (seeds that were purchased, not collected)

2. They must be seeds from 2013, 2014 or 2015

3. They cannot be dollar store type seeds (.29-.59.or .99 cent packages). I get most of my seeds are from online sources. I do pick some up at local grain stores but they are from NEseed which is an online company.

3a. There are NO MIXES allowed, zinnia, cosmos, bachelors buttons, marigolds and so on....( exception here would be if you had something from a players wishlist, I will allow that). Please mark it with their name and wish list item! I will see that it makes it in their bag.

5..Please do not send seeds that are known to have a short shelf life unless they are from this year.

5. There will be a 20 pack limit on VEGETABLE seeds this year. NO LIMIT ON FLOWER seeds. (I am doing this because I do not have a large personal stash of veggie seeds to fill in and make a great package for the veggie gardener)

6. No more than 3 packs of the same type of seed (please don't make 3 packets of the same seed with 5 seeds in each package)

7. If you send in all vegetable seeds, you will get back all vegetable seeds. I had a member send in all veggie seeds and request only flower seeds in return, this I cannot do. the same goes for flowers. I will return the same number of packets that you send in to be swapped.

8. Seed amounts, this is always a challenge. Please send what you would be happy to receive. I have purchased seeds that come with only 10 seeds to a package and shared only 5 seeds of that, However, I have also had seeds sent in with 3 packages of 10 mixed marigold seeds. This is not allowed and they will be returned. These are commercial seeds so know that you will not always get a full gw trade amount (25 seeds). It could be you only get 5 seeds of a perennial geranium because it was purchased with 10 seeds to begin with.

9. I will be posting a separate thread titled Commercial seed swap wish lists only. I ask that you put your seed wish list there for easier matching up for me when I am sorting seeds. I order a lot from swallowtail gardens, other players order from select seeds, T&M, Parks,summerhill. These are good places to start making wish lists from. The more you have on your list, the better chances you have of getting things you would like.


SEEDS MUST REACH ME BY Feb,15th. The packages coming to me should include postage for the return ride home and enough for a delivery conf#. If you don't include enough for delivery conf#, I will not be responsible for your lost package.

I do send seeds from my garden IF they are on your wish list. This is a gift and not counted towards my contribution to the swap.

Seeds will be returned to you no later than Feb,28th. This will allow you time to plant your new bounty!


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