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Tea rose fertility; how many seeds should I plant?

9 years ago

This is the second time I've tried to germinate rose seeds.
The first time I followed directions and used hydrogen peroxide and stratification, and had zero success from planting c. a dozen rose seeds.
I thought that whatever I do to the seeds, this year I should probably plant more of them, but how many Tea rose seeds? 10 per cultivar? , 25 per cultivar? more?

- Would I have better luck planting 50 seeds all from Monsieur Tillier, or 10 seeds from each of these 5 Tea and Tea-Noisette cultivars?
cl. Florence Bower Pink Tea
Westside Road Cream Tea
Mme. Lombard
Reve d'Or
Le Pactole, which was planted beside the fragrant unfading yellow H.T.; 'Summer Sunshine' in the hopes the two will "mate" and result in a fragrant, unfading medium- yellow Tea-Hybrid.

Is it possible that even if I planted 10 seeds from each of 5 Tea rose cultivars that I might not get any seedlings at all?


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