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Boxwood rescue! Please help!

8 years ago

I had this 4' 40+ year old boxwood hedge on the edge of my property, just opposite my neighbor's rotting fence. My neighbor hires a contractor to replace the fence and long story short, he ripped out the hedge in the process of doing so (it was in his way he said, unbelievable). I didn't know about this right away, but it could have been out of the ground as long as 3 days. (the contractor said "a couple hours" but I know different)

Our weather has been fairly mild, avg in the 40's-50's and the root structure did look pretty intact albeit dry looking (very little earth on it). I got it back in the ground shortly after the discovery and watered it with some Miracle-Gro (i didnt know what to do). It's been a couple weeks and so far, so good. But I have been told, ill effects may not be immediately visible.

I am no expert by any means. It's not a model specimen but I'm determined to save it. Can someone tell me what I should do? Any opinions of if will make it or not?

Please help!
Thanks in advance, Dan

ps. photo is of how i found it. this is the fence side of it (pretty sparse), its much greener flipped over

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