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Do you set reading goals for yourself?

Hi guys! Time certainly does fly, weather one is having a good time or not, lol. I can't believe that it will be 2009 in just a few weeks! It is a time when everyone seems to be making New Years resolutions. I never make resolutions, but often set 'goals' for myself. Do you ever set reading goals for yourself?

If so, did you achieve your goals for this year? Anything you are especially proud to have accomplished?

I first started reading Classic literature in 2007, and was determined to read more in 2008. But I decided that I would start 'sampling' works from different authors. I am glad I did this; I read a bit from a great many famous authors this year. I satisfied my curiosity about a number of books I had always heard about, but had never read.

I also planned on reading all of Jane Austen's books (which I did), and all of the Bronte novles (which I did not).

I also set goals as I went. If I read a book I liked I would plan to read more by that author, either in the near or distant future.

Also this year, around summer, I decided to start reading some classic American literature, which I had not done before.

I am also proud of myself for starting Ovid's The Metamorphoses. I can not tell you how much this intimidated me. But I finally cracked it open, and found it was not as difficut as I had let myself imagine it was. I find it facinating.

Do you have any goals for 2009?

I am not sure yet what I plan to do in reading for this up-comming year. One thing on the agenda is to read War & Peace. I just want to get a good edition first.

So how about you guys? Any reading goals?


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