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The Nth Annual Bookmark Exchange - The Official Thread

9 years ago

All right, here we go. How many years have we done this? I still have all my bookmarks and look at them regularly. They live in a shoebox on one of my bookcases. And of course they are used constantly.

Here is how it will work. First and most important - you must have a valid email address on file with this website, Glyphs. That is the only way I can contact you. Please email me through this website and let me know you would like to participate, and I will respond. Do not post your email address here on the RP Forum because hackers will get it.

So, if you want to give and receive bookmarks, please send me, through this website, your screen name here at RP and your real name and address. This information will be shared with the other participants. All are welcome, newbies, lurkers, come one, come all. Please contact me by November 15.

Anything that can be used as a bookmark is okay. Used bus tickets, postcards, expensive gold-plated crystal-inset plates, handmade anything. Be as creative or non-creative as you wish.

We have had as many as 25 or 26 participants, but it is more normal to have somewhere in the mid-teens.

As this exchange occurs around Christmas, a holiday card is often used to send the bookmark.

So that's it! Hope to hear from you!


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