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RP detectives - a puzzle for you all

17 years ago

Time to put on your detective hats and cull your memories!

There is a long time member of this forum who is closely related to me, in fact, we are sisters. It was she who introduced me to the forum. One day we noticed that we had never mentioned we knew each other, and just for fun, decided to start dropping hints and see if anyone guessed. We must have been too subtle, because no one ever did.

Here are three clues to start you off:

1. We are both long-time members.

2. We do not live near each other geographically, and have not for as long as we have been on the forum.

3. We sometimes suggest books for each other here on the forum.

#2 lead into #3 of course, as we sometimes don't see each other for a year or more.

Anyone care to try? There is no prize except the satisfaction of solving the puzzle. And of course, if no one gets it, we'll just tell you. We didn't start out to be mysterious. It developed by accident and we thought it might be fun if someone someday said "you and so-and-so might as well be sisters" so we could reply "well, we are!"


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