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Squash and Zucchini problem

I picked my first baby squash (about 4cm diameter) yesterday only to find that it was all brown and sqishy inside from the flower point down. On the outside and stem side it looked wrinkled and dry, giving no clue to what was inside. I thought I may have left it too long before picking, but then I've been eagerly watching my first zucchini grow from a tiny little thing. Still considerably undersize, I checked it yesterday to find it, too, rotting from the flower tip down. I have removed these two from the bushes in hope of preventing spread of the problem should it be a disease.

I have one larger Early White Bush squash which is about 10cm across and still looking and feeling healthy with no sign of rotting as yet.

Any idea what is wrong? We moved from southern NSW to northern Qld in June. I am wondering if the climate is too humid for the plants and if I need to readjust my sowing calender. Any tropical vege gardeners out there who can advise me?

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