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Small Deciduous Tree for Clay Soil -

18 years ago

I'm very new to this site and am looking for some handy advice re a small tree. We have a relatively small block of land and have clay soil throughout. As expected with clay, the soil retains moisture in winter and even though we have landscaped our yard and put in extra drainage, there still seems to be a lot of excess moisture around. We have planted lawn and a few small shrubs but were hoping that a tree could soak up some more water for us.
We've thought of putting in a silver birch but I am worried about sizing. I wouldn't want to go any larger than 8 metres. I have heard that if you plant three silver birch's together you can maintain a better size? ??? The other option was a mop-top but I hear that they have a suckering problem. We would like a deciduous tree so that the lawn underneath will still get light in winter.
Preferably, we would like to avoid trees with surface root stock as it would be planted relatively close to the house and our paving.
It all seems to hard. Does anyone have any ideas?

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