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New build - small flower garden - clay soil

10 years ago

We moved into our new build about 6 months ago. We have a small front flower garden which is drip irrigated. Other than installing drip lines and some ground cover the builder did nothing to the soil. The problem is it is serious hard pack clay. Nothing seems to absorb, the minute water hits it is seems to roll ff the top like its a billiard tale.

Althoughh the area is small maybe 100sf, amending the soil would mean removing all planting a including a tree and the drip line and be a major operation.

We currently have a ton of bark mulch. Will continuing to add organic material help at all? How Long will it take for the soil to improve?

Without digging up the yard, is there any other substance (e.g. Beneficial microbes of some kind) that I can add to the surfaces to spread ip breakdown of the clay, For example, would adding earth worms help with aerating?

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