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HAVE: 200 liter barrels swap for fruit cuttings

9 years ago

I have some spare 200 liter blue plastic barrels and I am looking for cuttings and/or seeds and/or fruit to get seeds from to add to my collection of fruit trees.

The drums contained a product called Enviroslip. It is non toxic and the drums clean up easily with soapy water. They would make a great rain barrel or a drip water system for your fruit trees.

I am using one as a 1 barrel aquaponics system and the fish and plants are doing great.

Cut them in half across the middle for tree planters or longways for feed troughs for horses.

Anyway you want this is a great deal. Get your fruit trees pruned for free and get a handy 200 liter drum in the process.

I'll even deliver the drums in the Toowoomba area and pick up the cuttings at the same time.