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1st Annual RP Potluck DInner

17 years ago

Hello friends and welcome to the First Annual RP Potluck Dinner. It all started when a few of us didn't get any books for Christmas. We decided to "give" each other $30 gift certificates for books and to share what we bought. Later, the idea of "bringing" food came up and it became a potluck dinner to share a regional or family favorite. The date was set for today, January 10th. So come one, come all. Welcome to the party.

Thanks for the gift certificate, friends. I bought three books with it at a local book outlet.

Louisa May Alcott - Work

----The story of a woman's seach for a meaningful life and examines women's independence and the goals woman can aspire in the 1800's. If you've never read beyond Little Women, I'd encourage you to try a "grown-up" Alcott.

Henry James - The Ghost Stories of Henry James

----Includes all ten of his ghostly works including The Turn of the Screw which I've never read.

Kazuo Ishiguro - When We Were Orphans

For my potluck picks, I've chosen a regional favorite, chicken pot pie, and a dessert, black magic cake, which is a moist yummy chocolate cake made with a bit of coffee.

I'm getting hungry. Maybe we need a thread for recipes, too?

Who's next?


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