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Storing potatoes....a solution I have discovered

18 years ago

I have finally found a use for all those paper bags that clothes stores use for your newly bought clothes....storing spuds in!

I have a drawer full of them (bags that is) - as I'm a horder and couldn't bear to throw them out over the years, the pile has grown bigger and bigger.

I dug up my first ever harvest of spuds (I'm so proud of myself!) this morning but couldn't work out what I was going to use to store them in...buckets are no good long term, paper rubbish bags are too big to use and the paper bags sold at crafts stores are too small and flimsy.

Don't know what made me remember the clothes bags but I'm glad I did! Perfect size, handles, strong, no problems standing upright, and come with reinforced bottoms...brilliant. Now the floor of my pantry looks like an advert for all the major retail stores in Hamilton!

Of course, all you seasoned gardeners no doubt cottoned onto these fantastic bags ages ago! Oh well, at least I can say I'm learning as well as catching onto the recycling bug!

That's my brilliant flash of inspiraion for today, going off to post this on the newbie board too to help others.


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