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Roses to give away in Brooklyn

14 years ago

Posted this on the rose forum, but will post here since anyone who will take them is likely to be in NYC.

I have about three roses that need new homes. I'm in a Brooklyn Brownstone and the roses are much bigger than they were supposed to be. It's not such a big deal - I still have about 44 in a small garden, but these have simply outgrown their homes. They are all own-root, meaning that they're not like what you buy at Home Depot, which are grafted onto a different rootstock. If these die back, as long as the roots are alive, you get the same rose.

If you know roses, you may know these. Otherwise, here's a description.

Vineyard Song - it's a fairly recent introduction by Ralph Moore, Meant to be in the lavender color family, it's actually more of a cool pink that blooms in tight clusters of small but very fluffy flowers, somewhat like grape clusters. It sprawls a bit, forming a mounding plant about three or four feet in all directions. Not too thorny but it is a rose.

Dixieland Linda - it's a sport of the better known Aloha, which is a fairly large multi-petaled pink rose. David Austin used Aloha to breed many of his English roses, if you know what they are - big, fluffy, fragrant roses. Dixieland Linda is identical to Aloha in all respects except the blooms have a slightly orange hue rather than being pure pink. Quite fragrant. Some people use it as a small climbing rose but is really a large shrub rose. Can grow up to around eight feet or so.

Pleasantrie - this is pretty much unknown. It was bred by a Hungarian breeder from what is thought to be one of the world's oldest roses - Mutabilis, also known as the butterfly rose. That is an ancient rose from China. The blooms are singles, which means that they have five petals, like an apple blossom. They start out yellow but the sun turns them pink and you have several colors of bloom on the rose at once. In the spring it is covered with blooms. This rose is very similar and in fact, I can't really tell the difference. Its blooms are supposed to be a bit brighter in coloring, but you'd have to see them side by side to see that. This rose was supposed to be a large shrub, like the one above, but it grows into a monster climber. If you have a wall or fence you want covered, plant it there. I had no idea it would be so big.

Braveheart - from Heirloom Roses out in Oregon, it is a medium sized shrub that has big fragrant very dark red blooms. I gave it to someone a few years ago but apparently didn't get all of the roots because I have it again. It's actually quite beautiful, but not in a good place.

Something I rooted and forgot. I think it's going to be Awakening, which is a pink climber, but I can't remember what it was. It's small now but if that is what it turns into, it's going to be big.

And of course, I'll root anything else you may want that I have.

It's time to be replanting these now if you want to see blooms this spring, so let me know.

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