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I moved into a new home and the HVAC does not work right, What should

10 years ago

Most new construction warranties only have 1 year, so dont put off complaints. If the builder does not respond within a timely manner, then be firm and tell him you will initiate a law suit against poor workmanship. This will usually get his attention. If you file in a small claims court, it may take several years, but unless the contractor is almost out of business, he will not want to waste time in court. If you wish to advertize his short commings, get legal help first. If you slander his reputation, you could cause other problems. Ask for completion documents signed by the various contractors, to insure you dont pay twice for the same work. This is where many people make mistakes in self contractiog. It will eliminate problems if you hire proper supervision in construction projects. Most contracts that contractors use are not very good for the customer. I regularly used open ended statements and vague terms to prevent lawsuits.