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Single HVAC zoned or two HVACs without zoned system

5 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm looking for guidance for a new build. Our builder constructs a lot of homes and indicated that they run one HVAC system with zones (barometric dampers) to support the 3 levels (basement, main, and 2nd fl) - they do this for smaller to 6-7K sqft home as standard build. We are looking at a 5K (plus/minus) sqft plan with 3 levels. It was shared that homes with two systems (with one in the unconditioned attic and one servicing the basement and main) are designed with 1980-1990s technology and home insulation. Can you share what your thoughts are and if you have a home of similar size running on one unit with zones?

The way they construct the homes, they gave us two options - 1) one unit with barometric dampers to service the whole house (this can also be something else using one system like the infinity line that doesn't use barometric dampers) or 2) same ducting with two separate units in the basement. They advised against a system in the attic as it would impact HERs.

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