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Cleanup The Hard Drive

10 years ago

Win98 and WinME

1. Disk Clean Up
Click 'Start' >'Programs' >'Accessories' >'System Tools' >'Disk Cleanup'.
Select the drive you wish to clean and click "OK".
Select desired Options.

2. Clean Cookies, Temporary Folders, Temporary Internet Files and History
From the Desktop, open 'My Computer' >C Drive >Windows >Cookies
Select all files..right click and select "Delete".
Return to the Windows folder.
Scroll to and open the 'Temp' folder.
From the toolbar at the top of the window, click "Tools">Viewing Options.
Check to insure that "Show All Files" is selected.
Select all the files within the "Temp" folder and delete them.
Return to the Windows folder.
Locate and open the 'Temporary Internet Files' folder.
Select all files within the "Temporary Internet Files" folder, right
click and select "Delete".
Return to the Windows directory.
Locate the "History" folder.
Select all files within and delete.
Return to the C Drive directory.
Locate the "Temp" folder.
Open it and delete all files within. 3. Remove Unwanted or Unused Programs
To view programs installed on your computer,
click 'Start' >Control Panel >Add/Remove Programs.
To remove a program, select and click the 'Add/Remove' button.
After uninstalling a program, you should re-start the computer.
If you are going to uninstall more than one program,
re-start the computer after each is removed.

4. Scan Disk
It is a good idea to shut-down your Antivirus program prior to running
Scandisk and Defrag.
Click Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Scan Disk.
Select a drive to scan. You will notice an option to perform a "Thorough'
Unless you are having issues with the hard drive, it is not necessary to do a
'thorough' scan.
A 'thorough' scan can take a great deal of time to complete, whereas a
'Normal' scan does not.
Select "Convert fragmented files to freespace".
Click OK. cannot do anything else on the computer while running

5. Defrag
You should run Defragmenter after running Scandisk.
Click 'Start' >Programs>Accessories>System Tools> Defragmenter.

Select the drive and click 'Defragment'.
Restart the Computer upon completion.

Remember... you cannot do anything else on the computer while running Defrag.