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There are so many terms and abbreviations relating to Plumeria! What

11 years ago

Here's a quick guide to a few of abbreviations and terms you're likely to run across most often on the Plumeria Forum. They're in alphabetical order. (Some of them are tongue in cheek, but that's the way we are around here.)

EP: Exotic Plumeria, a Plumeria source.

FC: Florida Colors Nursery, a Plumeria source. Also often abbreviated FCN.

PP: The Plumeria People/Botanic Treasures, a Plumeria source.

GW: GardenWeb, the host of the Plumeria Forum.

GWers: People who belong to the GardenWeb community.

Inflo: Inflorescence; a flower cluster.

JP: Just Plumeria, a Plumeria source.

PA: Abbreviation for Plumeria addict. They are in abundance on this forum.

PE: Abbreviation for Plumeria envy. It strikes every Plumeria addict from time to time, especially upon the discovery that somewhat else has acquired a great new cultivar.

Plumie: Idiomatic term of endearment for Plumeria.

PMS: Plumeria Maniac Syndrome. An unfortunate psychological condition that may cause addicts at Plumeria sales to push and shove each other to get to the best plants first. Failing that, those in the deepest grips of the condition may rip branches off Plumeria snagged first by others. Sporadic; can be worse at certain times of the month and is thought to be influenced by ambient light levels.

PP: The Plumeria People/Botanic Treasures, a Plumeria source.

SNG: Spray-N-Gro. A supplement and growth enhancer. Also often abbreviated as SnG.

ST: SuperThrive. A supplement and growth enhancer.

"The Bidding Place": A notorious Internet auction site whose name we dare not speak.

This list is a work in progress. If you would like to add additional terms and abbreviations, please email twistedparrot.