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Help, I have a problem with my lawn! (Posting Checklist)

10 years ago

Below is a checklist to help you provide enough information to correctly identify lawn problems. This can be especially helpful for first-time posters. This is only meant as a guide and users should not feel compelled to answer every question. The Lawn Care Forum welcomes all questions regardless of a poster's knowledge of lawn care.

Background Information:

1. Where you live?

2. What type of grass you have?

3. What products you have applied to your lawn, and how much? These include fertilizer, herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, etc.

4. How often and how long you irrigate?

5. Is the lawn established, or have you recently seeded/re-seeded or added sod? If so, when?

6. At what height you mow and how often?

7. Results of soil test if applicable.

Specifically describe the problem being as descriptive as possible

8. Entire lawn is affected or a specific area(s)?

9. If it is a specific area, what is different about this area? This can include: Shade, standing water, insects/pests, weeds, moss, rocks, heavy traffic, etc. Also, if the problem area is ring-shaped or spreading in any way.

10. If your problem is with weeds, what type of weeds?

11. How long you have noticed this problem and it is recurring?


12. Do you have a preference towards a synthetic or organic solution?

13. Past efforts to remedy the problem.

14. Are any solutions not feasible? (hand pulling weeds for 2+ acres, daily watering, etc.)