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FAQ . How do I grow fuchsias from seed?

11 years ago

Wait until the berries (fruits) on your fuchsia plant are well ripened. Remove from plant. Lay on a piece of kitchen towel and cut open (lengthwise). Scrape off as much as you can of the jelly-like substance. Fill small pots with soil less compost (peat based), Stand the pots in water until you can see that the top of the soil is wet. I personally do not water anymore until the seeds have germinated, only a light misting of water with a hand spray if the soil looks really dry. Place seeds on top of soil, cover with a minute amount of same soil less compost or wet vermiculite. Place in a well lit postion, away from direct sunlight, if you have a propagator at 60f.

Another way is to use a small seed tray, same procedure as above, but cover tray with plastic, when seedlings appear only remove plastic for a couple of hours at a time to acclimatise seedlings.

Germination is erratic, from a few days to several weeks. Hybrids or cultivars very seldom come true from seed, many variations of parent plant, some completely different.

I have had little or no success with dried seed.


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