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How do I Grow a Standard (Tree) Fuchsia

11 years ago

Take cuttings in the normal way (see Fuchsia cuttings instructions).
For standards it is better if you can find a three-leaf cutting, not absolutely necessary but the advantage is the resultant head , produces 50% more branches. The difference between growing a plant for a standard instead of a bush is that the intention is to grow the stem strong and straight so we should do all we can to encourage upward growth.
All the energy should be directed up the central stem, and any sideshoots which develop in the leaf axils should be removed as early as possible. Do not remove large leaves on main stem (next to where you have removed side shoot, these give strength to main stem and will fall off naturally).

Never let your plant become pot-bound, this will encourage it to flower and we do not want this to happen before we have achieved growing a strong, shaped standard. When you first see roots at bottom of pot, pot-up into next size.

When the plant is growing strongly ( 3 pot size ), place a thin cane alongside the stem, tie very loosely, turn the pot every day to encourage a straight and strong stem. When the plant has reached between 15 and 18 inches let side shoots develop on the next four sets of leaf axils. As further sideshoots develop remove the lowest set so that you always have four sets at the top of the developing standard. Continue to grow the stem of your standard until it reaches the height you require then pinch out the shoot at top of the main stem.

When head begins to develop pinch out growing tip after you have 2 pairs of leaves. Do this on each stem to produce a nice shaped head. Feed plant with a balanced feed NPK 20-20-20.Trailing varieties used for hanging baskets make excellent standards, but experiment, start off with a smaller flowering variety and try to grow a mini standard, later try a larger standard.

Mini-standard - 'Red Rain'


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