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Cockatiel Screaming... And I do mean screaming! Make it stop!!

15 years ago

How can I get my tiel to stop screaming?

He screams only when he's in the cage. It's a kind of scream that pierces through every nerve in my body - especially in the ears, neck and shoulders - and I just want to strangle the bird. I have tried getting a 2nd bird as per a bird club member's advice and it didn't help, so the 2nd bird went back to it's original home after 2 years. I have had my tiel for 5 years now and he is 5. I have two cages. One is by my couch for when I am home and the dog is in, he can sit with us, but he will scream even when I'm standing in front of him and it's every day and often, can be every 10 seconds or so for a period of time. He does not scream when he's outside of his cage, but I can't have him out all of the time. When I'm at work, he's in his cage by the window in another room with the radio on. Squirting him with water doesn't help. I'm open to any new ideas. I don't know if I can take another 10+ years of this... and I know that no one else can either so giving him away is not an option.

I will admit that it's my fault for this behavior because he was very spoiled before the dog came into our lives a year after I got him, but there has to be a way to change this behavior. Can anyone please please please help me????

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