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Sharpesville, Pa- where Santa Clause visits every child

11 years ago

I lived in sharpesville, Pa for about 4 years and the one thing that really stood out about that sleepy little town was no matter what route you took to enter the town there was a sign at the town line that said "Sharpesville, Pa, Where Santa Visits every child".

According to the US census there are about 1200 households in Sharpesville and 28% of them have children under 18.

They have a civic project in Sharpesville where a group of men dress as Santa an they go around the neighborhoods. They publish in the paper which night they will be in your neigborhood and if you have children you can wrap a gift for each child in your household and put them in a large trashbag on your front porch and leave your porch lite on.

Santa will stop at your house, take the bag and ring the bell. When the kids come to the door they are met with a hearty Ho Ho Ho,,,and Santa opens the bag, takes out a gift and reads the childs name, then hands them their gift.

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