Went to dentist ...oh what a day. Sorta long...

11 years ago

i admit to not going to the dentist on a regular basis.

Our parents took us to a dentist who used no pain medication.

So as we got older and got dental coverage of our own we got our teeth fixed with our insurance.

I always made sure that my kids teeth were taken care of and it seems that I

have let myself slide. In the past because of the condition my teeth were in , I could not see sinking money into one tooth to 'save' it, when there were other more pressing things to spend a couple hundred dollars or more on...

Most of my teeth have been repaired in numerous places.I had a problem with no matter what I did I always had cavities. Old dentist called it soft teeth?

So, I have 6 remaining teeth on the top that haven't bothered me in years.

I have been contemplating getting a denture for years, when the car is paid off or the motorcycle or whatever payment is keeping me from spending that money.

Well, that wait is now officially over.

I started having a pain in my upper lip right under my nose. It got to the point that I could not touch the area. My teeth did not hurt. So, I made an appt to see a recommended dentist.

After one x-ray, he told me that I have very short roots and the two front teeth have dead roots and are what have caused what he calls a vicious infection. Yesterday he started me on amoxicillian 500mg and darvocet for the pain.

I made an appt to have the teeth removed on the 30th. Today at lunch time my eyes started to water and my nose is running watery. The pain meds wear off a lot sooner than than they should. LOL. My DS says I look like the Grinch. I called the office and asked if there should have been 'some' improvement in the more than 24 hrs I have been on medication. She said i could come in again today or give me vicodin for the pain and let it go a few days.

If you have an infection and they take the teeth out now will that make the infection worse? Will it relieve the pressure? The dr. said yesterday there wouldn't be a problem taking them out as they're not deep rooted. Any one have any advice? We are supposed to travel 10 hours each way for Christmas on the 23rd or 24th. Stay a few days and come back home. I don't know which would be worse, pain from extractions or this.

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