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Some of us had a good Christmas, some didn't

16 years ago

I was one of the fortunate...We had a really good Christmas. Although I was pressed for time right up to the last second. My eyes burned and watered all day long...I felt like I was trying to get sick. But I think it was a BIG lack of sleep, for the last couple of nights.(last night I slept 11 hours..LOL)

But this morning I got an email from my high school friend. He married one of my best friends (all my life friends) they divorced but remained friends. He had the sweetest mother.

I can't remember if I posted that she fell last week at the airport, while heading to see her younger son for Christmas. She broke her hip and they had to do surgery. She didn't wake up after surgery and was in a coma until yesterday at 1:01pm. She passed on.

What a Christmas for my friend and his whole family.

They are having a memorial service for her on the 31 at the church she attended for 62 years. I plan on going.

I wonder about making one of the glass ornaments with the feather in it and the verse about a loved one going on and now being a guardian angel. Usually they have pearls and ivory color roses...Since she passed on Christmas I think some holly and red berries might be okay too...What do you think. I'd like to find a stand that holds it too....anyone know where they might be found?


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