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Thanksgiving Dinner Rant and Cooking Help Required

12 years ago

Hah, what started out as me deciding not to do anything for Thanksgiving this year has now turned into me cooking for 8 and LOL I only have 4 plates so I asked my sister to bring her dinner plates. I have 2 chests of sterling silver so I can use that.

My brother called me at 2am the other night and asked what my plans were for Thanksgiving and I didn't have any. He then said if he bought the food would I have it. Reluctantly I said yes thinking it would be just Paul, myself and my sister but I guess my niece's boyfriend loved my Christmas dinner so much he wanted to come for Thanksgiving so now dinner turned into 5. I went shopping, Paul paid and I bought a 5-7kg frozen already stuffed bird I can just toss into the oven and not worry about thawing the bird. That size turkey would mean there would be leftovers for sandwiches the next day for everyone.

I thought about that turkey and wondered if it would be big enough. I sure hope so because the next day I was talking to my friend who will be spending her first Thanksgiving without her Mom who passed away in March. I thought she would be spending it with her family in London but apparently not since she has to work on Thanksgiving Day so I invited her to come. LOL Okay now I just had to worry about another kitchen chair. Still worried about the size of that darn turkey though since everyone does want leftovers for sandwiches and my friend said she was really looking forward to taking a turkey sandwich for lunch at work the next day.

Then last night my sister called and told me she just invited my brother David and his girlfriend for dinner. My brother has been separated from his wife for a year and his daughter will be having her Mother over so my brother wouldn't be invited at the same time. David hasn't eaten a dinner in this house since he got married 40 years ago.

I guess it was a good thing I bought 2 chrome kitchen chairs at my neighbours yard sale yesterday LOL I am going to still need 1 more chair. I don't know what it is about my wooden kitchen chairs but 4 of them split right down the middle of the seats in the past 2 years but thankfully not by me. LOLOL

Hmmm, now drinking glasses. I have 4 mismatched glasses and 4 tupperware tumblers LOLOL I can't put those on the table. I think I have a new box of drinking glasses somewhere in the attic. Two years in a row my friend's Mom bought me a set of drinking glasses and I didn't have the cupboard space then for them so up in the attic they went. I just have to try to find them now. LOL I know there are up there.

This is going to be fun! Did I tell you that my brother's girlfriend owns a popular cafe and does the cooking and baking for it. My sister has been raving about what a good cook I am to this woman every time she sees her and how I present the food on the plate. Gee Marj add more stress to my dinner. LOLOL this just gets funnier.

I have to put 2 leaves/extenders in the table to make my round table large enough for 8 people and that doesn't won't leave much room in my kitchen. Since my kitchen remodel moved my fridge to the other side of the room which is next to the table it really cut into my seating area. I have a 1950's vintage red linoleum table up in the attic which would fit better but no one has been around to bring it down for me and bring the round table up. Gee I wonder if I should get the guys to bring it down tomorrow but it has been up there for years and before that in a smokers house so not sure if it will have an odour to it. LOL Not good I guess to test it out on a holiday dinner. I have table cloths for a round table but none that would fit with the table that is 2x larger One of the table leaves was lightened in the sun and I put a huge scatch in the other one when trying to move it one year so my table really needs a cloth. I just might have to use a Christmas decorated cloth or look in the attic to see if I have one of my Grandmother's huge white linen cloths that I would have to iron. Can't wash it because my washing machine is still broken and I have to hand wash everything right now.

Then my 71 year old sister called this morning and told me she fell around 1 am last night. She won't be able to come today until later in the evening. Yeah for me, because working around my "wait on me hand and foot" sister is hard to do and if she is not feeling good it means more work for me. I advised her not to come until Sunday then because I don't need the added stress. I hope she will still be able to come to dinner though because I need her plates. I do believe she fell but my sister also tends to have "accidents" or has a migraine when she decides she doesn't want to show up. Won't be the first time she has bailed even after I have done all the cooking.

I haven't heard from David yet to say if he is officially coming for dinner with his girlfriend. Today is his last day at work - he just retired from the grocery business which he has worked in since he was 13. The new company bought out his store contract because he had another 2 years of running his store and the new company wanted to give him another 10 year contract to invest in and run the store but he would be 76 by then. LOL did I tell you his new girlfriend is 10 years younger than me and I am my brother's youngest sister. LOLOL She tries to give me advice on things that are none of her business and I just want to slap her when she does (not really) LOL She's so bubbly and tells my brother he is so sassy. Gag me with a spoon. LOL maybe they won't come.

I am thankful for my family, yes I am. Now that my brother is separated (I love my sister in law dearly) I have my brother back and have spent more time with him these past few months than I have in 40 years.

Ok I got carried away and what this post was supposed to be about me wanting your ideas or recipes or advice on what I can cook the night before.

I have turnip/rutabagas


sweet potatoes

butternut squash

brussel sprouts - found a really good recipe online I am going to use for a garlicky creamed sprout dish.

cranberries - I will make the sauce tonight.

I like to make a "make ahead gravy" but I forgot to pick up turkey wings to make the stock and instead could I use the boxed chicken broth instead. I also have in the freezer a small amount of turkey stock from Christmas or Easter so would that be still okay to use? I don't want to make anyone sick.

I am also making butter tarts tonight but using ready made Tenderflake tart shells. My sister always raves about my baking too but making pastry is not my forte and this year instead of making my own pumpkin pie I bought 2 and my brother wanted "Heaven forbid" Cool Whip instead of real whipping cream. I don't drive so can't get to the store easily today and have no time or energy to walk to the store. I am in so much pain today but still have lots to do. Thank goodness for ibuprofin.

Should I roast the turkey tonight - would that be acceptable? Then reheat the meat in the oven tomorrow. I am having the dinner Sunday instead of Thanksgiving Monday.

Also both my brother and sister have diabetes and even though they don't stick to the diet they should I don't want to use too much sugar in my food. I normally would use some brown sugar in the squash or sweet potatoes but I think I will use a touch of cinnamon or chili powder instead or make 2 separate dishes for each, one with sugar and one without. I won't use artificial sweetners.

Thanks for any help and listening to my rant. Is that the time??? I've got to start cleaning the house. New person coming to visit my house for the first time. Where can I hide everything? LOLOL My brother coming means I can't store things on the attic stairs and might have to tidy up there a bit too because I am sure he will want to go up there and look for some of his stuff from childhood.

I'm still worried about the size of the turkey so I will be making lots of veggies for them to fill up on. LOL


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