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Dealing with the public - must be lots of great stories out there

12 years ago

The thread about gas stations reminded me of several of the stories back when I was running stations/stores. Everyone who has worked in retail must have some good stories to tell. My favorite is always the ones who come in with the chip on their shoulder chanting the customer is always right! LOL WRONG!

-The ones who think the threat of going over your head is going to give them what they want.

-The ones who think they can "call the owner" of a chain to complain, especially then and there.

-The ones who think yelling at the cashier or even the manager is productive.

A couple of my favorite experiences:

-My one station sold diesel and kerosene for years and years but since the market for it was low and new tanks were going to be installed it wasn't practical to keep the small sale of those oils. Tanks drained, pumps changed over, big signs put on the pumps and sure enough some guy comes in and says "that pump out there IS diesel, right?". Uh, no, as it says on it, "Premium Unleaded Gas". "But it's still diesel right?" No, we don't sell diesel anymore, haven't for two weeks now after which he shouts "YOU MEAN I PUT *GAS* IN THERE????" If you pumped gas from that gas pump into your vehicle, you put gas in there. After the flurry of expletives and some more "conversation" he demanded I take care of it, drain the tank and the like. No, you pumped it, it's your problem. We didn't make the mistake. I did say that if it were my vehicle I wouldn't drive it that way but I'm not a mechanic so he should probably consult one. The car was pushed aside, picked up by a tow truck and a week or so later in he comes with a bill for $450. OK, I don't know what it would cost but that doesn't surprise me. He kept going "here" and wanting me to take it, I refused, just looked at it and then he goes "are you going to pay for it?". After explaining that it's not our problem, he goes "I want to know if you're going to take care of your CUSTOMERS!" I did have to bite my tongue on that one. I started to say you're not a customer anymore anyway since we don't sell diesel but thought better of it. Now I wish I had said it! I suggested he call and talk to the main office. I had better things to do than listen to his temper tantrums and I had put up with enough. Well needless to say the company did not pay for his mistake.

-There's all kinds of employee theft but my favorite is when the kid faked a robbery his first night working alone. He even slammed his face on the counter or something to give himself a black eye to make it look better! He called me at home trying to get me to give him the combination to the safe. To shorten a long story, I told the cops it didn't sound right, they agreed and he let them search his car. There was cash, even the checks from his shift in a paper bag. The best part was when one of the cops asked if I would go in the back room for a while while they talk to him. He said the kid is scared to death of me! LOL

-Now to top the above story is when the kid's father came in the next day and demanded I give him his kid's paycheck since he was in jail! Uh, 1) You can't get it; 2) Payday isn't for over a week; and 3) I knew better than to fire him on the spot. Had I, he could demand his check but I knew better and no way was I going to help that thief! LOL

-One more quick story, more than one who would come in and expect a credit or a refund because they didn't get the gas mileage they expected! Obviously the gas was defective they thought, or the pumps were inaccurate or they were freaking stoopid!

So what's your fondest memories and favorite "Stupid Customer Tricks"?

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