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HIgh cholesterol diet

10 years ago

My SO had his blood work done last week through a wellness program at work.
His cholesterol was 320. (!!) He does not want to take any drugs, and wants to hold off on going to the dr for 6 months to try to get it down on his own.

He is starting fish oil pills today.

I know and understand pretty much the "dont's" of food choices, but he works 10 hours a day as a machinist and gets very hungry. (it's the lunch "do's" I am struggling with)

He is a big snack eater...all packaged foods that are easy to grab and go. (cupcakes, cheese crakers, chips, breakfast bars, ets) I have prepared him already, that if it comes in sealed's out.

My question for you all, is what can I pack for him for lunch? I am still going to make him a sandwich...I dont buy lunchmeat....he either eats deer bologna (that he shot) or I make fresh chicken or ham salad.
I made cole slaw this weekend using yogurt and turned out pretty good. I am going to try yogurt with chicken salad this weekend.
Other than fruit and veggies, what kind of snacks can I pack or make him?
All of the websites I have research talk a lot about what NOT to eat, but not a lot of suggestions on what TO eat.

Are there "good" cakes and cookies? How about a cake made with applesauce?

Are wraps better than bread?

How much does exercise play a role? (he is about 15 pounds overweight, BP normal)

Thanks everyone for your advice!

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