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My experience at the doctors office

12 years ago

My doctor's office has about 30 chairs in the waiting room. Not one of them has arms. I have great difficulty rising from or sitting down on armless chairs. In the examining room, there is only one chair, again, no arms. It has a shiny metal frame that insists on sliding away from me on the tile floor as I try to sit down or stand up from it. Everytime I go there I tell the 'nurse' and the doctor that it would be nice if a few armed chairs were available for people like me.

Yesterday, I asked the doctor if he was aware that they make chairs with arms. His answer to me was that the insurance companies recommend that armless chairs are safer in an office setting. Therefore armed chairs should not be included. When I argued that for the infirm, an armed chair can sometimes be a help or even a necessity and would be safer for them. You, he told me, are in the minority! There will be no armed chairs in this office!

Have you ever heard of such an attitude from a doctor? I am seriously looking for a new one with a little better bedside manner.

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