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Speaking of coffee....

9 years ago

What do you drink?

I love coffee. I can do without it, but I do enjoy it.

But, it keeps me awake if I drink too much caffeine or if I drink it too late in the day. Plus it makes me jittery. So, for years, I have mixed my regular and decaf, during the weekdays using maybe only 1/4 or less regular and the rest decaf.

Now, it seems, it has started bothering my stomach something awful. If I drink it more than once or twice a week, and more than one or two cups, I wake up early in the morning with my stomach very upset. Limiting the coffee controls it. So, I did some research. The two suggestions I found were that 1) Dark roast is easier on the stomach than light roast, due to the process that is used, and 2) cold brew is easier than hot brew.

So, I've bought some dark roast. Haven't tried the cold brew yet.

I think the dark roast tastes like it's been sitting in the pot for a day and a half. I love the lighter roast, but the dark is better than nothing.

What do you drink? What are your experiences with the tummy upset aspect?

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