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I hope he is getting the help he needs.

11 years ago

I live in an Apt Bldg. We have a tenant, a guy in his mid 50's who, when sober is nice and helpful, but when he is off the wagon, which he has been for quite a while now, he is terrible. His Mother lives in an Apt downstairs, and he see's to her needs and meals, but lately his sister, who lives nearby, has taken over most of that. If he just got drunk and made a fool of himself, it would be one thing, but he has taken an intense dislike to a gal in an Apt next to him. She has severe heart problems, and when he went on a drunken tangent he would call her vile names, even went down in the back yard and yelled those names up to her open window. Several neighbors and I have called the people on the board telling them what he has been doing. It seems they havent' done any thing. This past weekend, he was on one of his toots, and he was calling the police...himself. They were here 5 times on Saturday, but being he was in his own Apt, even tho he was soused, they couldn't take him. He kept saying the woman who lived below him had her music turned up too loud....she wasn't even home! On Sunday he began throwing his clothes out in the hall and out his window into the yard. Then a couple of the board members and the local police came out, but they couldn't find him. I said he might be in his mothers Apt, but his sister had taken her out for lunch and they had taken the keys to her Apt, away. Well, it turns out, he still had a key because when his sister brought the mother home, the guy was passed out on the bedroom floor. The police were notified of his where abouts, but nothing was done that day. Turns out that early on Monday, about 2:30 in the morning...I guess he was again calling the police, and the local police and one from the sheriffs office came out and transported him to detox. I told one of the board members that if they didn't do something about this guy, especially his harassing his neighbor with the heart problems, if he caused her to have an attack, she could sue the Deerwood Housing, who has several Apt houses, and they would end up working for her. Now we'll see what they do when he gets out.

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