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Sudden change in personality/would you press to know why?

14 years ago

My friend (unmarried) is in a relationship where her partner very suddenly went from being a really affectionate, thoughtful, romantic, and kind person, to a very withdrawn, unaffectionate, irritable and indifferent partner. His behaviour demonstrates that she is no longer a priority in his life, and although he will state he still loves her, his actions dispute that claim. Unfortunately, she is clueless about the reason, because her attempts to discuss things only resulted in him claiming not to have noticed any change. Despite still being in love with him, she has finally made the decision to end the relationship. My question you think it would upset you more in the long run to hear the real reason behind their changed feelings (realizing there might be someone else), or would it upset you more to just let them go and always be wondering what went wrong?

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