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Has anyone ever painted outlet and light switch covers?

13 years ago

I was going to change them all out to a bright white. They're tan/beige now and really don't go with my newly painted bright white trim. But, the price for all the switches and plates is more than I want to spend right at the moment with school (school clothes and supplies) and Alex's college coming up soon.

So, I have left over paint from the cabinet in my bathroom that was painted yesterday. It's like oil based stuff according to the painter and dries very hard. I'm hoping that will keep it from peeling easily. Just wondering if anyone had done it in the past and how it held up and what type of paint you used?

Another problem is there is old paint on some of them from when Lauren and I painted back when we first moved into the house in 2004, which looks even worse now that the walls are light colored and not the dark colors we used back then. Eventually I may change them all out but not for at least a year. So, is this a good idea or not?

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