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Has anyone ever dyed a sofa slipcover?

8 years ago

I fell in the white slip covered sofa trap 7 years ago. The slipcover fared ok the first few years with regular washings- but it was no match for 3 kids, the youngest a boy who seemed to get into anything and everything during his toddler years. The sofa is still very comfortable, but I purchased it online at JC Penney, they are called either linden street or Friday, can't remember, at some point the name changed. Well, they discontinued the slip overs :( I had the intention of eventually just buying a new one but they have not been available for a few years now nor will they ever be. So my options- are buy a brand new sectional- which I don't want to do, have slip covers custom made which for the price I could buy a new sectional or dye the slip covers a dark color to conceal the stains. I'm building up the nerve to do this, but I'm wondering if anyone else here has done it?

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