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Need creativity--figuring out how to finish side of Aga Legacy

10 years ago

If you've read my earlier posts, I've been vacillating on what to do for a new range. I've found an Aga Legacy floor model that really calls to me and it is probably moving up to the top of my list. But, if I get this there is a problem. This range is not really intended to be free-standing and is intended to be between cabinets. While there is a side panel of sorts, it really isn't attractive and maybe even has a gap. I am looking for a solution as to how to cover the side or what to do.

Here is my situation. We currently have a 30" range that sits between cabinets. We'd leave all of the cabinetry on the right as is because there is no way to adjust that. On the left there is a built-in cabinet that is standard counter depth and about 12 or 13" wide. It is open shelving, and I use it for my cookbooks so the books are perpendicular to the side of the stove. The open shelving faces another bank of cabinets and is at the point of a semi-narrow passageway into the kitchen. When we have a group of people, this passageway can become a congested area.

We have space for the 36" Legacy if we take out the bookcase cabinet to the left of the range. We could probably have a carpenter alter our current cabinet so it would only be maybe 4" or 5" wide. Doing this, the range would be enclosed between counters, so that would take care of not needing to finish the side of the range. We'd have the same width passageway we currently have.

But, we are wondering about trying to widen the passageway a bit by having nothing to the left of the stove. But, if we do this, we need to figure out a way to attractively finish off the left side of this stove. A piece of wood to match the cabinets? A stove top height half wall? But, my guess is a wall would be as wide as just cutting down the current counter so it is 4" or 5" wide.

Does anyone have any creative ideas? My kitchen is period look 1920s or 1930s, and that is why the Legacy is appealing. Thanks.

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