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I need some reassurance about my floor choice.

15 years ago

In most of my decisions, I have felt very confident once I pulled the trigger--cabinets, countertops, appliances, etc. The one decision that has been driving me absolutely crazy is the choice of flooring. We are down to the absolute last minute and I really needed to decide and move on.

The funny thing is this was the one thing I knew for sure when the process began. I wanted a simple terracotta tile. My problem was that the tile I loved looked terrible with the cabinets I picked. I decided that the cabinets would win that battle and began looking for a new choice for flooring.

I have wavered among about eight different possibilities, including wood, cork, slate, and other ceramic tiles, none of them really "speaking" to me. My favorite, by far, was a reclaimed French tile that turned out to be nearly $25 per square foot. Oh well. THAT wasn't gonna happen, so the search continued.

Today, I got my DH to drive two hours with me to a tile showroom that had the reclaimed stuff I really wanted, but also had a number of other choices that they assured my I'd like as much, or close.

Much to my surprise, the thing I liked best was a simple 'walnut' travertine. We bit the bullet and placed our order. Unlike my other decisions, this one has me still second guessing. I like the stone a lot. It's neutral without being too boring. I just am not convinced it's THE stone for me.

Given the time frame for everything else, I need to make a decision. This one feels better than my other options, but it's just not a home run. Does that even make sense?

I need you all to tell me that this stone will look spectacular with my natural cherry shaker cabinets, soapstone countertops, and pecky cypress walls (either that, or tell me to call first thing in the morning to cancel my order). This isn't the exact stone, but it's the closest picture I could find online. Mine is just slightly lighter. Also, I ordered all 16x16 square, but now I'm wondering if I should have ordered the pattern instead.

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