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Pics of apron/farmhouse sinks mounted above counter

11 years ago

Well I knew my apron sink and disposal install was going to be close, but apparently I have some tough choices to make.

In house, I have a Shaws 30" and KA disposal. It was supposed to be undermounted. However, my drain stub is just too high. At best the disposal discharge is exactly the same height. Maybe 3/4" once everything is tightened down, best case, but even that is problematic (it would mean the drain line and the entire P trap would be full all the time with standing water). So this isn't going to work.

I haven't seen any disposals that have a smaller distance to the discharge outlet and relocating the plumbing is near impossible. I thought about it while the walls were down and it would require reframing and rewiring the whole outside wall of the kitchen.

So it seems all I'm left with is a new sink that isn't as deep or mounting it proud of the counter. This would buy me about 2" of drainage which would be more than enough.

Any pics of this installation (still need to sell the wife on it) would be appreciated.



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