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Soapstone Install and Farmhouse Sink Questions

12 years ago


We are currently planning out our kitchen remodel. We plan to GC ourselves, which brings on a host of challenges. I'd really appreciate some input on a couple questions:

1) I love the look and feel of soapstone! My counter guy hasn't worked with it before and keeps trying to dissuade me from it (for a variety of reasons). From everything I've read both on this forum and elsewhere, soapstone doesn't require much maintenance (other than oiling, which I hear is a matter of preference) and is non-porous. Two reasons why I'm still leaning (heavily!) towards soapstone.

But, I do have some concerns (mainly on its installation). Are there any special skills involved to install soapstone? He's installed granite and other types of counter tops, just never soapstone. Just wondering if I should be concerned.

2) I love farmhouse sinks! But, I hear they can be a pain to install. Because each farmhouse sink is shaped (ever so slightly) differently, the cabinets will need to be shaped for the specific sink I buy. We plan to have custom cabinets built, so I don't think making it fit properly will be an issue. My concern is how to coordinate the sink between the cabinet builder and counter installer. I'm thinking I would first need to get the sink to the cabinet guy. Should I have it directly shipped to the cabinet guy and have him bring it to the house when he installs the cabinets? Or am I making it more complicated than it needs to be?


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