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Question re Glass For Upper Kitchen Cabinets.

9 years ago

I done a search and got conflicting recommendations.

What thickness and type of glass would you use for a upper angled corner cabinet shelf and door insert? I've done a Google search and the recommendations are spread out that it's difficult to get a solid answer. I've read, Tempered for shelf and door, float glass for shelves with polished edge and 1/4" thick therefore tempered isn't necessary. Double strength is good enough for both and only 5mm, others say annealed and recommend 1/4" for shelves only and don't polish the edged as it. Others say don't use tempered as the edges are very weak.

Holly Crap! Can anyone make up there mind.

Is there a big difference in cost for tempered and are the edges truly that sensitive and prone to breakage? We want the glass to be clear.

What are your recommendations?

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