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X-Post-Paint Color Scheme Suggestions Needed ASAP!

11 years ago

I know this is the kitchen forum but it seems to get a lot of traffic. I posted a few weeks ago in the paint forum but they suggested I post in the home decorating forum. I didn't get much feedback. I just posted in home decorating again and I will try here as well. You all have such amazing design eyes based on your kitchen so here goes:
I am suppose to have my paint colors and schemes picked out already. My husband just hired the painter and I am stuck for ideas. If you could please take a look at my house and give me ideas I would really appreciate it. The colors in my development (non-HOA) are in the peachy-tans. My house is one of the lighter colors and has a pinkish hue to it. There are 15 house on my block but if you drive through the rest of the neighborhood houses are many different colors. I don't want to stick out but there really are no colors that are in that peachy family that I like. I live in So. Cal and I have palm trees throughout my landscaping. My river rock accents have gray, bown, tan and peach color tones. I am looking along the lines of earthy-colors like Waynesboro Taupe, Weimaraner, basically brownish-Gray colors. I have sampled on my walls, Sag Harbor Gray, Sandy hook Gray, and more. They all end in gray. A lot of those colors have a greenish hint to them. What I would like advice on is: Color choices and color placement. What should those wood pieces (are they called gables?)be painted? Should I paint them darker, lighter, or an accent color? Currently they are the same as the house but I don't like it. There are 3 of those, the largest being the above the large garage. That large one has vertical wood detail pieces. What color should we paint the garage? We will be replacing the shutters with slightly larger ones and those I plan on keeping dark, as well as painting my door black. I am open to color suggestions as well. My painter can use Benjamin Moore colors, Vista Paint or Frazee colors. Thanks so much for any input you can give me!

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