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Awkward Kitchen/Family Room Combo

16 years ago

Okay, here is my standing dilemma with this space: I have an "L" shaped Kitchen/Family Room Combo. On the short end of the "L", is the eating area. In the 'corner' part of the "L", is the main kitchen area, with an island. On the long end of the "L" is a family room with a fireplace.

Both the eating area and main kitchen area are on hardwood floors. The family room is carpeted, however. The transition from the main kitchen area to the family room is fairly open; however there is a long kitchen counter that somewhat separates the areas.

So, part one of the the million dollar question: Do I flip flop the current eating area with the fireplace room? If I do that, what do I put in the eating area instead? That door in that area (that goes out to the garage) is a turn off for me, as far as eating in that space goes. So, I end up putting my kids at the island, and I eat standing up.

Part 2 of the million dollar question: I will probably bring out the black in the appliances, with wrought iron accessories and such, but what would be an awesome accent color? I love bronze, what do you think?

Pleasssseeee, I need your suggestions on what to do with both of these areas that flank the main kitchen space. It needs to flow and I also need to tone down the screaming amounts of wood!!

Obviously, pictures are better than words, so take a look for yourself! Click on the below link.

One small note here: These pictures were taken before I moved in, so the furniture in these pics is not mine. But, you get the general idea of the layout and my issue with how to make the most out of this space.

I'm grateful for whatever suggestions you may have.



Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Pics

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