Room arrangement for awkward family room --Need your help!!

3 years ago


We are are the hunt for new furniture to go in our family/living room; however, the unique shape of the space (longer than it is deep) and the fact that each of the long walls have 2 doorways is creating a real headache. Would it be better to go with some type of sectional or a sofa and a love-seat combo? Other suggestions are most welcome.

Other factors worth mentioning:

- large fireplace centered on one of the long walls--the fireplace is centered between two doorways. One doorway leads to the front entryway and the other to the kitchen.

-the fireplace mantel is quite high and would make for uncomfortable tv watching, especially for our young daughter (but is still an option that I would consider).

-my husband would rather not have a sectional because he worries it will take up too much space. I don't disagree, but I was really hoping to purchase a couch that would accommodate our small family comfortably. (Think movie night!) :)

Which option do you think serves our space the best?

1) Sectional

2) A sofa + love-seat combo

**Both options would have 1-2 accent chairs to go with it. **

Thank you for taking the time to read and offer your advise. I have attached a few pictures of the space--these are the home listing photos and do not reflect the current layout. :)

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