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Help with small narrow family room and awkward alcove

6 years ago

This is our family room. It is roughly 12x24. Smallish and long and narrow in shape. We have tried many times to figure out how to arrange the furniture with a TV. Initially I thought we would put the TV in the alcove but the couch across from it felt too close. Instead we put it on the wall next to it in an entertainment center. This makes the alcove look especially awkward. The seating area is fine but then we have this whole space behind it that we have put this square kitchen table in because we were given the table and it fits in that space where we didn't have any furniture. We used to leave that space open for the little kids' to play when they were toddlers with big toys but now they are 10. Please help! What to do with the alcove? I've considered drywalling and closing it up but it is about a foot deep and the room is already narrow. Where to put the TV and how to arrange the furniture? Also, we mostly keep the shades around the table closed because neighborns are close by. Especially the drapes that are halfway open.

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